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Cross Group, is a full service deepwater intervention and support company. Cross supports the marine and offshore industry with a wide range of equipment, engineering and services. Cross is strategically located near the Navigational Canal in Houma, Louisiana, with access to the Gulf of Mexico.

Cross Group, Marine Division provides both DPS-3 and moored configured multi purpose vessels capable of supporting a wide array of offshore operations and project scopes. Cross Group, Rentals Division provides deep water winches and deck equipment for installation, construction, deep water lowering and recovery. Cross also provides wire rope and umbilical spooling.

Cross Group, Services Division maintains a 15,000 square foot repair facility with overhead cranes and a wide range of machine tools to service and rebuild equipment. Cross is located with access to the navigational canal in Houma, Louisiana with 500’ of dockside with cranage to service vessels with up to 12’ draft. Cross Services Division is also a TRIPLEX repair and service facility.invested in more than 225 companies


The Health and Safety of our employees are of utmost importance to our Company. The Cross Group is committed to the administration of a comprehensive program that promotes the health and safety of each of its employees and the environment. Protecting the well being of employees and the public will always take precedence over the desire for expedience.


Safety is a twofold commitment; a partnership wherein both parties share the responsibility and accountability. The success of The Cross Group’s safety program relies not only on management's commitment to provide a safe work environment, but also on the individual commitment of each employee to uphold safe working practices. Good physical health and a serious safety attitude are key contributions which employees must make in order to reduce injuries and promote an environment marked by safety consciousness.

Our Project History Snapshot

BP, Well Abandonment, 100' – 250' Water depth
( 2 - Hepburn Model Winches )
Aker Kvaerner, Neptune Project, Umbilical Installation, 4,000' water depth
( Hepburn Model Winch )
Violia Inc. Mat Installation, 9,000' water depth
( SKAGIT Model ETW-300 )
Shell, Numerous Tree and Tubing Head Spool Installations @ various water depths
( Skagit Model ETW -300 )
G&C Construction, Colorado Mountains, 36” Gas line installation. 7,400' above sea level
( SKAGIT Model ETW-300, Hepburn Model Winch)
Diamond Offshore, Tree Installation, 800' water depth
( Hepburn Model Winch )
Apache Offshore, Tree Installation, 800' water depth
( Hepburn Model Winch )
Dragados Offshore ( Mexico) Jacket load out to barge for transport
( 2 - MARKEY Model DES-26 )
F.M.C. Inc., Spooling and Jumper Installation
( 75 kip spooling machine )
Shell, Gas Line Deployment Colorado, 100' sub terrain
( 2- 75 kip spooling machines )
Hillcorp , Pipeline Installation, 80' water depth
( Skagit Model AED 296, Hepburn Model Winch )
Superior Offshore, Mat Installation, 5,000 water depth
( MARKEY Model DES-26 )
M & H Engineering, Straighten bent Caisson, 150' water depth
Exxon, CCC Mexico Nitrogen Line Pull, Pulled 9,000' of 72'' Nitrogen line from barge to bank( SKAGIT Model ETW-300)
Shell Oil, Serrano, Oregano Jumper Installation, Set Sub-sea Tubing head Spools, Trees and Jumpers. 4000' water depth( SKAGIT Model ETW- 300 )
Stolt Offshore, Sub-Sea tool Installation and Retrieval
( MARKEY Model DES-24 )
Sub Sea 7, Aspen Project, Pipeline and Umbilical Installation
( MARKEY Model DES-24, SMATCO Model 84 )
Coflexip Stena Offshore, Nanson Spar Flow Line Installation
( MARKEY Model DES-26 )
Willbros Argentina Project, Barge Pipeline Pull
( 2 HEPBURN Model Winches )
Stolt Offshore, Barge Certification DB 801990 Ton Certification Lift
( Crossmar, Inc. Rigging Department )
Global, Israel Project, Pipeline Pull to Beach
( SKAGIT Model ETW- 300 )
Saipem , Canada Project– Umbilical Installation
( Gearmatic 29, 10k spooling machine )
Oceaneering , Princess, Mud Mats 2,800' water depth
( MARKEY Model DES-24 )
Oceaneering , Spinnaker Sangria, Plet Installation
( MARKEY Model DES-24 )
Oceaneering , Habanero Project, Mat Installation, 5,500 ' water depth
Oceaneering and BP, King West Jumper Installation, 5,000' water depth
( SKAGIT Model ETW- 300 )
AGIP, King Kong, Pipeline Installation, 4,100' water depth
( SMATCO Model 84-DPS-100 )
Shell Oil, Thunder Horse, Tubing Head Spool Installation 4,600' water depth( SKAGIT Model ETW- 300 )
Mc Dermott Inc., Kerr McGee, BoomVang, Mooring Line Installation
4,600 ' water depth( 2 MITSUBISHI Model 147 )
Oceaneering , Zia Project, Mat Installation, 3,500' water depth
( MARKEY Model DES-26 )
Stolt Offshore, Gulfstream Pipeline Installation, 880' water depth
( SKAGIT Model ETW- 300 )
Cal Dive, Exxon Diana Jumper Removal and Pressure Cap Installation, 4,700' water depth( MARKEY Model DES- 26 )
Shell Deepwater, Popeye and Manatee, Sub-sea component Installation. Tubing head spools, trees 4,600' water depth( SKAGIT Model ETW- 300 )
Hereema, Horn Mountain, Retrieved messenger wire with attached chain to lock in chainjacks and spar (Kley France, 150 Ton Linear Winch, Back Tension Machine )
Saibos – Thunder Horse, Retrieved synthetic buoy line 5,500' water depth 75 kip spooling machine Oceaneering , Surveying Titanic Site( SMATCO Model 84-DPS-100 )
Global Industries, Pipeline Abandonment and Recovery Mexico, Various water depths
( SKAGIT Model ETW- 300 )
Oceaneering , Recovery Operations
( SKAGIT Model ETW-300, MARKEY Model DES-26 )
Exxon, Mica, Jumper Installation, Umbilical Landing to platform
( MARKEY Model DES-24 and SMATCO Model 84-DPS-100 )
( MARKEY Model DES-24 )
Stolt Offshore, Gulfstream Jumper Installation, Supplied Pipe-lay Plow and Cover Winches(SKAGIT Model ETW-300 )
Stolt Offshore, Boomvang Abandonment and Recovery
(SKAGIT Model ETW-300 )
Chevron, Typhoon Umbilical, and Flow Line, Landed Umbilical and Flow lines to TLP
3000' water depth( SMATCO Model 84-DPS-100 )
Shell Oil, Europa Jumper and Tree Installation, Set Sub-sea Tubing head Spools, Trees and Jumpers, 3700' water depth( SKAGIT Model ETW-300 )
Shell Oil, Crosby Jumper and Tree Installation, Set Sub-sea Tubing head Spools, Trees and Jumpers, 2400' water depth( SKAGIT Model ETW-300)
Exxon, Heritage J-Tube Pull, J-Tube Pull- 1,200' water dept( LUCKER Model JS-1500 Linear Winch )
Shell Oil, Macaroni Pipeline Installation, Two Macaroni Pipelines installed on the Richardson( SMATCO Model 84-DPS-100 )
British Petroleum Pipeline Project, Troika, Pipeline Tow- 3,400' water dept( INTERCON Model 78410 )
Shell Oil, Cinnamon Project, Gas, and Oil Pipeline Installation Installed 6” and 8'' Pipeline on the Enchilada Platform( SKAGIT Model ETW-300 ) Alcatel Kabel Norge Umbilical Installation, Umbilical Installation, 3,600' water depth( MARKEY Model DES-26 )